We are traveling to our clients, therefore we expect that you will be ready for your appointment when we arrive, and be courteous to our other clients that also have appointments.  Please be advised due to time constraints, we will be charging $10 for every 15 minutes we wait starting at your appointment time. 

how do i prepare for my spray tan?

Do all Waxing and Shaving 24 hours prior to spray tan in order to reduce sensitivity

Do not apply any perfume, deodorant , body lotions or oils before your appointment as they may interfere with your tan

Exfoliate your skin the night before your session to remove dead skin cells and pay extra attention to elbows, knees, feet, and hands

If you are getting a manicure, pedicure, massage, or facial please get those services done prior to your spray tan

Wear dark loose fitting clothing to change into after your spray tan session due to the cosmetic bronzer temporary discoloring clothes and sheets

How do i best maintain my tan?

After all sunless treatments please wait at least 6-8 hours before showering. Coming in contact with water or exercising.  

When showering avoiding exfoliating and pat yourself dry vs. rubbing 

Use moisturizer AT LEAST 1 TIME DAILY if not 2 times to help keep your skin moisturized. We recommend Hempz Moisturizing Lotion with Hemp Seed Extract.  You can also purchase professional tan extender or professional self tanner to help extend the life of your tan.

Are your solutions gluten and paraben free?

Yes our solutions are organic and gluten and paraben free

I am pregnant, is it safe to spray tan?

Although there has been no known side affects of spray tanning we always advise you consult your physician before making an appointment. 

Will the spray tan protect me from the sun?

No, you still need to use SPF when you have any sun exposure. 

Can I go in a pool or hot tub?

You are best to try and avoid these 2 things as it will wear your tan much faster.  If you do go in try to use SPF lotion or moisturizing lotion as a barrier from taking off the tan.